Asthma cure, Is there any cure for asthma?

Before creating this website I thought that there was no such thing as asthma cure.

I still believe so!

After doing lots of research I found a few methods that are being tried out in order to find this cure.

I have even tried some of these methods, but have not got any results so far. However, I came across one particular method that seems to have great results. It looks promising, so let's hope it is not like any other method out there that ends in another disappointment.

The method was found by the researcher Dr. David Hahn, whose theory is that the disease is not always caused by allergies. He says that it can be triggered by a form of Chlamydia that targets the lungs.

Dr. David says that Zithromax (Azithomycin) medication can help cure the disease within three months. There are many cases where people have confirmed that is has helped tremendously.

One patient, who nearly died from an episode/attack prior to taking the medication, said that one day he realised that his symptoms completely disappeared.

After reading more about this cure medication, I thought about trying it myself. I cannot say that this method is the cure, because I have not tried it yet, so it looks like we have to try it for our self and see if there is any result.

I have tried many other natural methods, which supposingly should heal me from the disease. Still no results!

Although I do believe that there is no cure, I do know for a fact that you can leave asthma free by keeping your symptoms under control.

If you can keep your asthma under control, then you should be able to leave a normal life without any restrictions on whatever it is you would like to do. Now that for me is the same as curing your asthma! : )

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Another option can be to try to use the healing power of alkaline diet which may be combined with the nutritional supplement Colostrum, a blend of natural antibodies.

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