Asthma Coughing, What Is It,
How To Prevent It

Asthma coughing is a long lasting cough that is caused by irritation in your lungs. This irritation can be caused by allergens, such as pollen or dust that gets into your lungs, which causes the airways to react by constriction, inflammation and mucus build up.

This makes your airways feel obstructed and the receptors in your lungs cause you to cough to help clear your airways in order to breathe more comfortably. The downside to coughing, however, is that it causes more irritation to your lungs, because as asthmatics our lungs are really sensitive, we just can’t win! :-)

How does coughing affect my asthma?

As mentioned above, the process of coughing will affect asthma by causing irritation in the airways. If your asthma is well controlled, the effect of coughing will be mild for most asthmatics.

However, if you are someone if very poor asthma control, then even the slightest cough will aggravate your asthma to the point where you start to become very wheezy and experience shortness of breath.

How can I prevent it?

One of the best ways to prevent the coughing is to keep your asthma symptoms under control. This would require that you keep up with your medication as prescribed to you by your doctor.

You should take your preventer inhaler, which is very important when preventing the coughing, because it helps to stop the irritation and asthma symptoms from occurring in the first place.

Keep a record of the circumstances of when you start to experience these coughs to help you determine your triggers.Having colds or flu could also trigger your coughing, so a healthy immune system is essential when controlling your asthma.

Certain triggers are avoidable, such as cigarette smoke or wine red, others are more difficult to avoid, for instance, laughing or shouting.

If something is funny, why wouldn’t you laugh! If something or someone makes you angry, you have your right to shout! Just make sure that your inhaler is around when you do ;-)

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