Asthma breathing exercises, what exercise you can do to improve your breathing?

Asthma breathing exercises are design to improve your breathing and, therefore, reduce an attack/episode or symptoms in general.

If you practice these breathing exercises, then you will increase your chances of avoiding an attacks in the future.

These breathing exercises are not designed to replace your medication prescribed by your doctor. You should carry on taking your medication as followed unless your doctor says otherwise.

With this exercise you need to be symptom free and your body needs to be relaxed in order for this to work properly.

First you take three quick breaths in and out through your nose. You should only do this once.

Then, through your nose again you take a deep breath and hold for as long as you can. Then, breathe out as slowly as you can through your mouth.

Repeat this process four or five times. This exercise should be done as often as you can.

The more you perform this exercise, the more you will be in control of the disease.

It’s that simple, all you need is time and effort.

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