Think You Have Asthma Due To Shortness of Breath At Unusual Times? What Symptoms Do You Have!?

Asthma symptoms?

Do you always get short of breath whiles just taking a walk on the street? If the answer is yes then I am pretty sure you must have diagnosed what is causing this to happen, right?

If this is something completely new to you and you have not yet find out why is this happening, then it is time to diagnose this problem.

Sounds scary I know!

I was not at all pleased when I was told that I had this disease. It just sounded like a serious problem. I did not really know exactly what it was at that time as I was still very young.

All I knew was that I had severe difficulties breathing, which did not feel right to me.

One of the main symptoms I had was shortness of breath, especially when running.

Do any of these symptoms listed below associates with you?

  • Your chest feels tighten;
  • You find it difficult to sleep lying down;
  • A lot of coughing;
  • Wheezing, which is caused by build up mucus in your lungs;
  • Breathing heavily constantly (with minor physical activities).

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, then chances are you might have this disease. However, you should get a diagnose from your GP or doctor and don't assume that you have this respiratory disease as it could be something else.

The best and most effective way to diagnose this and be certain, is to see your doctor or local GP. He or she will carry out some tests, one of which could be a spirometry test.

A Spirometer will measure the volume of air inspired and expired by your lungs. It will shows how well you can breathe in and out and whether your lungs are functioning as they should.

Your doctor may refer you to a specialist for diagnosing asthma if necessary. Symptoms are very similar to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and other respiratory disorders, so getting right diagnosis will be essential.

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